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About us

Welcome To Komax System

The KM- series ultrasonic welding systems are designed and built to assure you the highest degree of reliability and weld quality, because we are synonymous with the cutting-edge technologies from Germany, Korea and the U.S.

Ultrasonic metal welding is the most technologically advanced method of bonding conductive metals such as aluminum, copper, nickel, brass, gold and silver.
Kormax has been standing at the forefront of developing high quality ultrasonic metal welders that produce a variety of products ranging from tube seals, spot welds to wire splices.

Kormax’s ergonomically designed systems offer manufacturers the fastest and cleanest method of reliably assembling components.
With cycle times of only one second or fractions of a second and Kormax’s Intelligent Process Controls, productivity and quality are maximized.
Unending commitments to process improvement, application advancement, engineering excellence and customer service are the attributes which have made Kormax the smart choice for your ultrasonic metal welding tooling needs.

Our Advantages

Ultrasonic welding can be monitored through time, energy, power and height limits, assuring excellent and comprehensive process controls.

Requiring less than 1/30 of the energy of resistance welding, and elimination of consumables such as solder, flux, crimp connectors and braze materials make ultrasonic welding the most cost effective and environmentally safe process available for welding. Replacement tooling and maintenance services can be offered from any of our sales offices throughout Korea, Mainland China and Hongkong. We provide tooling for our own machines as well as those from major manufacturers like Stapla, Schunk and AmTech at lowest costs.

We offer economic and easy tooling replacement. Ultrasonic horns are precision machined from high quality tool steel, providing long life, ease of setup and weld accuracy.

Typical weld cycles are within fractions of a second, and thus the maximum industrial productivity is achieved.

our installations are designed and built to ensure simple operation and operator safety.

Minimal maintenance and orientation flexibility make KM-4070 ultrasonic systems the best choice for automatic assembly.

In most cases, the high frequency scrubbing action of the ultrasonic process eliminates the need to strip insulation from magnet wire or to preclean parts.

No connectors, glue, or solder is needed; no sparks, fumes or arcs are generated during the whole process; lowest noise is produced due to the ergonomic design. All these contribute to the minimization of negative environmental impacts.

Technical Expertise and Support

We have our engineering laboratories well maintained throughout China and in Korea to satisfy the needs of our customers. Our talented engineering staff equipped with collective experience in real-world applications and tooling is unequaled and assures our customers the highest levels of confidence and satisfaction. Whether it is a manual workstation, a semi- or fully-automated system Kormax has the personnel and technical competence to support your requirements.

Kormax‘s application laboratory, product and automation engineering, customer service and manufacturing capabilities are second to none. Engineering excellence and product reliability are mandatory, but these qualities alone cannot justify a solid business relationship.

When you choose Kormax for your ultrasonic metal welding equipment needs, you have chosen a working partner. Good communication between Kormax and its partners forms an integral part of our company philosophy. We have always been doing our best to reduce machine maintenance costs, increase tool life, and lower the customers’ cost for replacement tooling. Kormax‘s innovations have made ultrasonic metal welding the method of choice for producing high integrity connections that withstand severe environmental conditions without compromise.

Kormax‘s commitment to customer satisfaction continues after the sale with unequaled technical support. Look to Kormax‘s application engineers as the information source for all your ultrasonic metal welding requirements. Kormax provides customers with technical support anytime, anywhere. Dedicated sales managers, specifically responsible for international sales and technical liaison, ensure our sales offices receive regular visits and clear channels of communication.
We apply our broad base of experience to help manufacturers make the highest quality, lowest cost welds in non-ferrous metals.